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I'm also a keen amateur photographer, spending much of my spare time exploring new places, capturing interesting moments and chasing great light.


Home, Oxfordshire

Douglas is a 4 year old border terrier. He is full of character and has bags of energy, so getting him to sit still for this portrait was quite an achievement.


Polurrian Cove, Cornwall

I was lucky to experience some fantastic, soft light as the sun dipped below the horizon. The reflecting sky created a surreal, dreamlike image.


Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

As the storm clouds rolled in and the light faded, the palette of blues intensified to create a dramatic seascape.


Mullion Cove, Cornwall

After a long, steep hike to the cliff top we were rewarded with a stunning view overlooking Mullion Cove.


Brill, Oxfordshire

A very early start was required to get this image. It's was a chilly -10. I composed the shot in the dark and waited for the light. My hands froze and my gear iced up, but it was worth it for the amazing pink hues.


Buckland Woods, Bucks

After a couple of hours of scouting some woods near my mums cottage, I found this interesting tree catching the evening glow.